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Making Your Own Gear?

I am currently building complete guides on how I make all my gear. I will add them to this site as they become available. Feel free to bookmark this page. This site is dedicated to providing as much free information as possible to those looking to make their own gear and will include links to other guides as well. There is also a supplies section where you can find lists of various DIY suppliers to shop from. This site does not receive any funds from suppliers or 3rd parties and is solely non-profit. 

Good Luck on your DIY projects.


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Still got questions?

Check out Hammock Forums for more Info.


A great addition to your hammock suspension. Makes things much easier to deploy and pack up with minimal weight penality. Click the picture to check out the site.

New DIY fabric supply site is now open. Great way to save some money on coated and un-coated fabrics.  

Styles of Tarps

Click the picture to see a great resource for different styles of tarps and how they are hung. 

This site is intended for those looking for free information on making their own gear. Any contributions to the site will only be used for the cost of running the site and the monthly fees for securing a large bandwidth and a site free of adds. Unfortunatly for now, this site is a free-site that will have to have adds and will lack a proper domain name. Once enough funds are raised for the yearly subscription I will be able to purchase a domain name, proper bandwidth, and more advanced features. Thank you for any contributions to this site and the MYOG/DIY community. 

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